To do this, a fully funded RBW Mobile Health Unit will meet the needs of many. Our goal is to reduce health risks through prevention and education on healthy lifestyle behaviors while offering free screenings to improve treatment outcomes from early detection.

Committed volunteer medical professionals will provide screenings for pulmonary hypertension, cardiac related diseases, and basic health screenings all children and adults need to have a good quality life.

In addition to preventative care, the RBW Mobile Health Unit is designed for community outreach to provide hope through empowerment together as a community. We will be accessible to all and fully ADA compliant. When the RBW Mobile Health Unit arrives, community members will be welcomed for an event of positive health awareness and community connection.

This initiative holds a unique opportunity to have a greater impact on children and communities through a unique partnership with the Kiwanis International organization. We will reach communities in a 150 mile radius from Nashville identified in a specific service route within the Kentucky and Tennessee Kiwanis District. Kiwanis program clubs will assist in community health days along with providing service volunteers.

Sponsorship Opportunities
We are seeking individuals and organizations for sponsorship contributions. All proceeds raised go toward the RBW Mobile Health Unit creating a healthier Nashville.

Sponsors will also have the opportunity to request the mobile unit at their locations, provide materials on the unit, and provide a video that is played on the mobile unit. In addition sponsors will be recognized on the website, social media, and have first choice booking from available dates within a 150 mile radius of Nashville, TN. Other arrangements can be made on a case by case basis.

All sponsors are:

  • Invited to place items in gift bags and to have a booth at events
  • Will be recognized at events, on the website and via social media

The Roberta Baines Wheeler Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Group is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your donation as a contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. We will mail you a tax acknowledgement letter for your donation.

RBW Mobile Unit Objectives

Cardiology Genetic Testing 
Questions we have received from caregivers, family members, and medical professionals include:
Using genetic counselors, we plan to provide a video for all participants on the unit regarding genetic testing resources available. Our target audience includes people who may benefit from genetic testing but do not know that testing may be available to those including children, siblings, and parents.

Health Screenings
Free Screenings and treatment referrals to children and adults.

  • We promote good oral health related to overall health. Dental screenings will prevent gum disease which is proven to be linked to other illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • We promote blindness prevention. Vision screenings, information and referral services assist in healthy vision and eye safety.
  • We promote Proactive Hearing Wellness. Hearing loss in 100% preventable, and 100% permanent. Trained volunteers will facilitate hearing screenings to determine if hearing is in the normal range, or if a full hearing evaluation referral is necessary to determine the type and severity of loss. Hearing screenings are available for age 4 and older. (Children need to be able to raise their hand when they hear a beep to ensure accurate testing.

Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors
Heart Healthy Cooking Demonstrations & Nutrition Education.

Promote Literacy 
While participants are awaiting screenings, volunteers will read books. Every child will receive a free book. Financial literacy and resources will be available.